RIFLES HERITAGE – 69th Anniversary of VE Day 1945

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Today marks the 69th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day 1945. One antecedent of The Rifles played a major part in this occasion. 4th Bn the KSLI were responsible for capturing and escorting Grand Admiral Doenitz and Field Marshall Jodl the de-facto head of the German State and Commander in Chief of Reich forces respectively; following the death of Adolf Hitler in Berlin. 4th KSLI escorted him to the signing of the unconditional surrender of Germany, the act that ended the fighting in Europe.

The Shropshire Regiments Museum in Shrewsbury, home to the KSLI collection and part of The Rifles Museums Network  has a particular memento of this occasion, Admiral Doenitz’s Marshalls Baton, captured and kept by the Regiment as a reminder of the part they played in these momentous events.


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