RIFLES Portrait Donation

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This month, photographer Rory Lewis kindly donated a series of six portrait photographs of Riflemen to The Rifles Museum. The photos were taken of officers and men from 1st Battalion, The Rifles at Beachley Barracks, Chepstow, in 2017.

The following paragraph appeared on Rory Lewis’ blog:

“Rory Lewis is pleased to donate a series of portraits to The Rifles Museum. Situated in the heart of the Winchester Military Quarter, the museum offers a fascinating insight into the story of the largest infantry regiment of the British Army.

The portraits taken as part of Soldiery British Army Portraits. The Rifles, are at the forefront of battle, trained as marksmen. They don’t carry a flag. Instead, their Battle Honours are carried on Parade uniforms.

Each Rifleman is entrusted with the Battle Honours of the regiment, wearing a representative selection of Battle Honours. On the Belt Plate there are 34 Battle Honours represented, inherited from the forming and antecedent regiments”.

The Rifles Museum are very grateful to Rory for his kind donation. We hope to soon be able to display the photos in the Museum.


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