Summer Holiday Wonderful Wednesdays

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This Summer Holiday The Rifles Museum will once again be hosting Wonderful Wednesdays. Each Wednesday of the Holiday come into the Museum for fun family activities.

All activities will be hosted in The Rifles Museum between 10:30 am – 3:30 pm.

Recommended age: 5-11

Cost: £2 per child

31st July – Workshop: Day in the Life of a Rifleman

Find out what a day is like in the life of a Rifleman. Discover where a Rifleman lives, how they train and what they eat. Try on a wide range of uniforms and handle a real Army ration kit. What would you want in yours?

7th August – Make and Take: Eggbox Tanks

Build your own eggbox tank. Get inspired by the real vehicles used by the British Army today and the tanks of the past. Or come up with your own design!

14th and 21st August – Camouflage Day

Find out the story of camouflage in the British Army and The Rifles. Design camouflage patterns, either based on real military or natural ones, or your own ideas. Play ‘Spot the Sniper’ – can you find the Army’s masters of camouflage?

28th August – Make and Take: Pebble Painting

Paint a pebble with the cap badge of The Rifles or come up with your own design! Also discover the history and significance of The Rifles cap, belt and back badges.


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