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For updates on other museums in the Rifles Museums Network, please go to their website or contact them directly.

The Rifles Regiment is the largest Infantry Regiment in the British Army, and was formed in 2007 from four forming regiments each comprising its own antecedent regiments; this gives us an illustrious heritage which can be traced back to 1685. All of our forming and most of our antecedent Regiments have their own museums, all of which link together to form a family of museums known as The Rifles Museums Network, representing the proud history of today’s Rifles Regiment in its entirety. These museums are located around the country and can give the visitor a flavour of our Regimental history and also portray some of our present day achievements. Whether you manage to visit just one of our museums, or visit all of them, you will always be guaranteed a friendly welcome and a great day out!

Each museum has a link that takes you directly to their own website. In brackets besides the name is the details of which antecedent regiment of The Rifles the collection relates to.

For details of any museum events, please contact the relevant museum directly or visit their website.

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We are pleased to announce that The Rifles Museum and the Royal Green Jackets Museum are merging collections to form a Rifle Regiment Museum that records our heritage from the 18th Century to the present day. If you wish to visit the Winchester museum or learn about Rifle Regiment heritage then please follow this link: rgjmuseum.co.uk

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