Hidden Heroes

The Families and Communities Behind The Rifles

The Rifles Regimental Museum has just opened its new exhibition, Hidden Heroes, as part of a programme exploring non-operational topics. It will examine the families and communities which support The Rifles and looks at their stories from over the last 10 years of the Regiment’s history.

With personal testimonies, photographs and items from both the families and the welfare teams; Hidden Heroes illustrates how the support of families is vital to soldiers, and explores how the Army recognises and assists them their role. The Rifles, and the British Army, rely strongly on the support of military families and communities. Army families are prepared to uproot themselves every few years, giving Riflemen a continuity of family life. This exhibition provides an insight into the sacrifices made by these families and the solidarity found within military communities. It will also explore the ways in which soldiers and their loved ones can keep in touch, even whilst deployed on operations.

The culmination of Hidden Heroes will be a panel discussion, featuring various organisations key to the support of military families. It will examine the support networks available for families, seeking to highlight the great importance of these organizations and how they have developed significantly over the last ten years. The exhibition will run until August 2018.

Hidden Heroes was designed and curated by Collections Assistants Tabitha Burch and Josie Dear, both of whom volunteer for The Rifles Regimental Museum. The Rifles Regimental Museum believes in utilising the museum as much as possible to develop young people aspiring to careers in the heritage sector, under the directorship of Melanie Marsh, the Museum Manager.


For enquiries, please contact museum@the-rifles.co.uk