What’s On

Saturday 28 October

6pm to 8pm

Austen’s Officers: Then and Now

They could talk of nothing but Officers

Former RIFLES Officer, Major Rob Yuill will deliver a talk at The Rifles Collection in Winchester on Austen’s Officers: Then and Now on Saturday 28th October 2017.

Rob Yuill will explore the careers of Jane Austen’s military personalities and provide a comparative insight against the career of a modern-day Army officer. Jane Austen has had a long-lasting impact through her works on how Army officers have been perceived by society, which has even endured into present day. Rob Yuill’s lecture will examine how accurate, or not, Austen’s perceptions are, both of the Army in her time and the Army of today.

This lecture coincides with a small exhibition in the museum, showcasing the uniform of today’s officers against the uniform of Austen’s time period, which can be viewed after the talk.

The evening will take place at The Rifles Collection/ Royal Green Jackets Museum at Peninsula Barracks, Winchester and will begin at 6pm with a reception. Tickets cost £12 per person, including a glass of wine and canapés. For tickets, please telephone 01962 828505 or email museum@the-rifles.co.uk

Major-General Robert Craufurd

A Rifles Reservist supports in the UK flood relief

Thursday 16 November

12.30pm to 2pm

A Year in the Life of a Rifles Reservist

Join Rifleman Fenwick from 6th Battalion The Rifles as he describes his experiences in his time as a Reservist and the differences between his day to day life and his role in the Reserves.

The talk will take place at the McDonald Gallery in the Gurkha Museum as part of Winchester’s Military Museums lunchtime lecture series. Tickets are £7 per person and include a sandwich lunch. Tickets can be purchased via the Gurkha Museum website.