The Rifles’ Chronology 1685-2012

This Chronology is a must-read for anyone wishing to discover more about The Rifles’ innovative and thrilling heritage, which can be traced back to 1685.

The Rifles Family Tree

The annexes of The Rifles’ Chronology 1685-2012. Annex A is The Rifles Family Tree and Annex B is a Timeline Map of all the different theaters of war The Rifles have been involved in.


The Rifles’ History

A downloadable document giving a brief overview of The Rifles’ history from 1685 to present day. This breaks down the history into short summaries by the time period.


 Explore The Rifles’ Origins and Traditions

Why do The Rifles march faster than other army regiments? Why is the bugle used? What are the Golden Threads of the Regiment? Find out the answers in this article.


Find out more about The Rifles’ Regimental Anniversaries

The Rifles have various anniversaries that are commemorated throughout the year, including their Regimental Day. Find out why these days are so special.