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Teen Twitter Takeover

Since 2014, ‘Kids in Museums’ has been running Teen Twitter Takeover – a day which allows teenagers across the UK to make their voices heard by taking control of museum Twitter feeds. This year the event will take place on Friday 3rd August.

At The Rifles Museum, we are looking to join in the fun! If you are an enthusiastic teenager, who is interested in learning more about how museums work behind the scenes and how they handle their social media, please let us know. As the name suggests, the Teen Twitter Takeover would involve you coming in for the day and managing our museum’s Twitter account (that’s @TheRiflesMuseum). You could tweet about what you’re doing at the moment, an object in the collection that catches your eye, share something you’ve found out from your time in the museum or just tell everyone how your Teen Twitter Takeover day is going!

Apply to be our teenage social media manager for a day by emailing Activity Officer James Fenton –

To find out more about The Rifles Museum visit or check out our social media – Twitter (of course), Facebook and Instagram. Or drop in and see the museum for yourself. That’s The Rifles Museum, Peninsula Barracks, Romsey Road, Winchester, SO23 8TS.

To read more about the Teen Twitter Takeover event, go to